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Qi Beauty

Home Kit - 50 Treatments

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Anti-Aging Skin Repair

  • Levitate tissues for anti-aging skin repair

  • Use with your existing skincare

  • One Kit includes 50 treatments

  • 3 Face Maps included:: Eye Lift, Lip Lift and Anti-Age Matrix

  • Can be used on skin with dermal injectables

  • Ideal for scarring, acne and sensitive skin

  • Unlimited online Face Matrix Customisation


    If you want to take control of your skin, create a healthy relationship with the way you age and the way you look, Qi beauty is for you!

This Kit Includes 

  • Online Home Kit face map customisation

  • The Matrix Collection in the Kit: Qi beauty™ 12 point anti-age Matrix, Lip Lift Matrix, Eye Lift Matrix.

  • 50 Treatments based on the Anti-Age Matrix - The Ultimate Matrix!

  • 7ml Refillable Made with Organics Spritz for Mindful wellness with uplifting Australian botanical extracts.

  • Instructions how to apply each matrix

    Easy to use, no-mess, safe for longterm use!
    This product can be used with injectables please advise us using the Home Kit customisation form so we can personalise your matrix

Anti-Age Matrix 

  • Full face anti-aging skin health

  • Hydration and regulate dermal secretions

  • Normalise skin behaviour

  • Levitate and accumulate dermal compounds for anti-ageing

  • Skin brightening

Eye Matrix

  • Targeted for skin laxity

  • Reduce the depth and length of crows feet

  • Work on stasis or blood pooling (dark under-eye circles and inside corner of eye)

  • Lift for a brighter brow using muscle points

Lip Lift Matrix

every home kit includes 3 face maps for skin health recovery and targeted skin corrections. Anti-Age wellness, Eye Lift, Lip Lift matrix.

  • Target fine lines

  • Work ahead of time to strengthen the lip line

  • Use guided techniques to lift the corner of the mouth

  • Customise your matrix for your personal conditions

  • Anti-Aging for a strong lip line and dermal gags

If you like….

  • Taking control of your skin

  • Seeing results with consistent use

  • Holistic skincare and health practices

  • Gua sha, acupressure, acupuncture, wabisabi skin philosophy, Japanese acupuncture


Use your favourite skincare with your Qi beauty Home Kit! Our technology supports transdermal delivery of serums and skin nutrients, so you get the most out of your healthy skin habit.