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Janesce Hydrate & Glow Pack - Lavender

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Hydrate & Glow Pack -  Lavender (replacing the Lavender Intro Packs)

Why we love them:

- Recyclable &/or re-usable
- Improved dispensers for longer-lasting products
- Replaced acetate packaging with reusable gift tube (removable label)
- Larger Rose Petal Mist


The Janesce Lavender Hydrate & Glow Pack is the perfect way to begin your Janesce journey. You’ll receive everything you need to begin your twice-daily Janesce Skin Soaking Ritual for Glowing Skin. Introductory product sizes make this an affordable way to sample the Janesce experience for yourself.

There is enough product for two months of use.

Each pack contains:

A lavender infusion with a balancing and calming effect.

A creamy, plant-based cleanser featuring rose and lavender.

A feminine floral mist with a hydrating and softening effect.

A popular plant-based face moisturiser with an enlivening and nourishing effect.

Soaking Cloth

A beautifully soft, cotton gauze cloth for soaking the skin.

30 Days to Glow Booket

Suitable For: The Janesce Hydrate & Glow Packs are suitable for women with basically healthy skin. Using these products as part of the Janesce Skin Soaking Ritual will transform your skin from good to glow!

If you have red, irritated or sensitised skin, these products will be too active for you. In this case, we recommend you purchase a Strengthen & Glow or Repair & Glow Pack instead to repair and rebuild skin. Talk to our skin health coach at for help choosing. Once your skin has strengthened you will be able to use the general Janesce range.